BalloonPOP is a simple fun Game , Just POP the balloons but be aware :D  Enjoy it 



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Hello mate, you have been disqualified from the Fire Jam #3
The point of a game jam is to make a game following the theme(s) imposed by the jam and during the predefined period of time.
It is unfair to other participants that you submit in 5 different jams without even looking at the themes. It defeats the the purpose of a game jam.

Good job! I liked your game and his proposal. I really liked the idea of the needle changing color and you have to burst the balloons according to it. I suggest you put in some sound effect that indicates that the needle has changed color. I recommend looking for someone to develop their own art to give an identity to the game. You can keep the same mechanics and vary the scenarios to give the game more breath. I liked the background music. Continue the project. I just thought you ran away from it, but that's it.

thank you mate

The game itself is fine, but not sure how this fits the theme of "where is everybody" for the HoneyDew Jam.

This is pretty good

I think it is very good start ^_^

thats a lot of game jams entered, and it does not follow the theme for most of them.

I am not 100% on if this is an intentional feature or not, but if you click on a coin multiple times in rapid succession it gives you additional coins. I've gotten up to 3 points worth of coins from a single coin. The same can be done to balloons as well for additional points.

Otherwise the game is pretty fun and unusually addicting, good job!

Thank you mate i will try to fix that thank you for your feedback :D 

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I actually wondered why the games lasted so little time, but then I realised that you can only pop the balloons that match the color of your needle. Very nice looking game overall, maybe sound effects could always be nice, though.

If you're interested, you could enter our Game Development World Championship!

thank you so much for your feedback , this is my first Game by the way ^^